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  • Web Design | Development

    We are experience UX | UI Designer with excellent understanding of Web Development.
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  • System & Network Design

    Never worry about IT Infrastructure for your new Office. We will design complete infrastructure for your building in a diversified professional way.
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  • Nitechs Solution takes pride on being a sophisticated security & surveillance provider; utilizing cutting-edge advanced technology to provide your organization top quality security solutions at affordable prices. With Nitechs Security Services you can get:

    • State-of-the-art Security and Surveillance Solution with complete monitoring and storage complaint to international standards

    • Integrated Security Systems – maximization and integration of the sub-systems required to protect an area

    • Wireless feature gives you mobility and flexibility

    • Complete video analytics, which will enable:

    • Traffic monitoring of entire city from single control room

    • Congestion monitoring of busy roads and intersections

    • VIP travel route monitoring

    • Vehicle tracking and people counting and tracking

    • License plate recognition

    • Facial recognition

    • Motion detection

    • Monitoring of monuments and important buildings and many more